A short essay on health

In this way, they live their daily routine only to earn money and not their life for themselves.

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Health is Wealth Essay 5 words Now-a-days, a good health is just like a boon given by the God. We should eat balanced food having fresh fruits, salad, green leafy vegetables, milk, egg, dahi, etc in timely manner in order to maintain the good health.

Finally, though there might be conflicting information about what a good diet is, it is important to always eat in moderation.

health is wealth essay in english for class 6th

We also have to maintain some regularity in life for good health. Secondly, good personal habits go a long way in helping to acquire good health.

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Go for Routine Check-up It is a good idea to enrol for annual health check-up. It is true that to maintain a good health we need money and to earn money we need good health. It affects their health and fitness as well.

We should also motivate our kids and children to know something about this common saying using such as simple and easy essay on Health is Wealth.

A short essay on health

It can be a simple activity as climbing stairs instead of taking lift or elevator, walking more rather than taking car to go to different places. Consequently, we must always keep fit to have a fulfilling life, therefore, there is a saying — health is wealth. The only way to have a healthy body is to ensure the proper fitness levels of our body. If we maintain a weight that is ideal, we tend to be less prone to a lot of health conditions including cardiac problems. A good wealth of health can be obtained in a number of ways. Your health is your long lasting wealth. All this will not only maintain your health and fitness but also improve your lifestyle. It is also important to remain healthy and fit in order to maintain normal body weight. We need to wake up early, go for walk, take a brisk walk, breathe in fresh air for our lungs, and move arms while walking. Definition and Relation: Health and fitness are interrelated to each other. Here is a look at these components: Physical Health Physical Health is being physically fit, devoid of any illness or disease. Health and fitness can help us accomplish a lot of happiness in this life. Increase in strength of muscles and bones.
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Essay on Health for Children and Students