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There is no exaggerated idea of his own heroism and valor. Symbolically, Ahab is a seeker often truth or the mystery which lies at the heart of this universe, and Moby dick, the white whale represents that mystery and that truth. Author: Brandon Johnson. This brief introduction reveals significant information. This is one of the things that makes the character Captain Ahab stand out so much, as he is so unarguably consumed by wrath and hatred that he will willingly jeopardize the lives of his crew in order to achieve revenge on the whale that ate his leg. He is suffering for the pain he has inside from the beginning to the end of the novel. He is lamenting everything on his life. Even though he knows he is mad, he cannot stop himself. For Ahab, blasphemy is no vice. Then, after Moby Dick has actually been sighted, Starbuck twice appeal to Ahab not to persist in his purpose and to order the crew to change the direction of the ship to return home. Indeed, Ahab is a memorable character in the whole range of American Literature. In the original formula coming from the Greeks, the tragic hero had to be a high-born individual of elevated status possessed of a fatal flaw which resulted in their downfall. The author takes the view point and emotion towards the American Gothics. Ahab behaves sort of like a sane man, but his motives are entirely insane. The man is thus part whale himself, part lightning bolt; he feels a thunderous electricity within himself.

A common sailor named Ishmael is the narrator. Starbuck accuses the captain of blasphemy for seeking revenge against a "dumb brute.

Born a quaker, Ahab defies his own religions policy of pacifism with his need for revenge, and often reveals a deeper philosophical side to himself. He is surrounded by legend, cured by lightning, grim, determined.

Peleg explains that this name was given to him by his foolish and ignorant mother and that an old woman had said that the name would somehow prove prophetic.

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Freaky, eh? He is a complicated, deep, tortured soul. Peleg explains that this name was given to him by his foolish and ignorant mother and that an old woman had said that the name would somehow prove prophetic. He says that he has been dismembered by Moby dick. The end of Ahab's oration unites all of the crewmen except for Starbuck in the monomaniacal goal of pursuing Moby Dick. The book, however, focuses on Captain Ahab, the one-legged commander of the whaling ship Pequod. In the end, Queen Jezebel sets Naboth up by falsely accusing him of a crime. He resolves to use everything in his power to revenge himself on the White Whale, and agrees to be the captain of the Pequod in order to get an opportunity to pursue his vendetta. He feels in home when he is in the ocean.

He has not friends; he is a romantic hero. His sole purpose after this encounter was to kill Moby-Dick, all else was cast aside. Other whalers believe he is a tangible albino sperm whale.

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Ahab has sworn to kill the gigantic whale Moby Dick, who took away his leg. He then challenges the gods, mocks and hoots at them.

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And he talks to himself the task of assailing this evil and putting an end to it. In this book Melville challenges the relationship man have with his universe, his fate, and his God. Moby-Dick, can teach you many things if you can remain focused long enough. Several times in the course of the voyage, Starbuck urges to hive up this mad resolve but Ahab does not relent. Perhaps he even wants to be God. He does not worship or even acknowledge the superiority of forces beyond himself. Ahab represents a human being made up of evil, when he decides to questions God fate, and goes against God when he tries to strike Moby Dick the whale. What tune do you pull to in pursuit? The mystery continues as Ahab remains in his cabin through the early days of the voyage. Like the figure behind the mask of the White Whale, the force behind Ahab's motivation is also an inscrutable, dominating master. Ahab becomes entangled in his own harpoon line and is drowned by the whale, literally killing himself with his own harpoon. Ahab behaves sort of like a sane man, but his motives are entirely insane.

The final three days leave no time for contemplation as Ahab finally encounters Moby Dick. His wife, home, friends, and family do not even cross his mind.

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Yet, there is certainly potential for viewing Ahab as heroic despite unfavorable responses to him by the reader. He muses that mowers have been making hay somewhere beneath the slopes of the Andes and are "sleeping among the new-mown hay.

Ahab in moby dick an analysis
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