Alex rider point blank book report

I really enjoyed the second book in this series much more than i did the first one, it just stepped itself up from the first one. Synopsis Alex Rider is a year-old engaged by MI6 as a secret agent.

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She was listening through microphones. Alex's caretaker says that his principal called and said that he wanted to see him at school.

Alex rider point blank book report

He then reveals that he is going to dissect Alex alive the next day after imprisoning him. Alex mostly takes care of himself, though he does have a caretaker who is only briefly mentioned and never appears in the book. Mrs Jones tells Alex in a debriefing that the rescue mission was a success and that all fifteen clones were apprehended. Alex manages to escape and send a signal to MI6. The bad guys trying to take over the world are sinister and mad, their henchmen are quirky and deformed, there is lots of tension which builds to big chases, fights, explosions, etc. Alex is shot at with a shotgun by these same teens but not hit. When Alex is about to leave the school, having seen enough, Dr.

Alex then fights his clone in the school, and one of the two fall from the roof of the school. Jones, an older secretary at M16, mothers him as much as she is able.

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This story went in a total different direction than i was expecting it to go in and i was honestly surprised. While storming the school, Alex is attacked by Stellenbosch, who is shot dead by Wolf just before she could kill Alex.

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However, Wolf is also shot in the process, driving Alex to rush out the building in anger to see Grief about to leave via helicopter.

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Point Blank Book Review