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Although the U. This updated edition incorporates amendments issued in September , February , March and July Most tax systems provide different rules for real property buildings, etc. The focus of the staff's comments to the IASC has not been on the differences between the proposed standards and U. Towards Convergence of Accounting Standards in a Global Environment In the past, different views of the role of financial reporting made it difficult to encourage convergence of accounting standards. Accordingly, while the accounting standards used must be high quality, they also must be supported by an infrastructure that ensures that the standards are rigorously interpreted and applied, and that issues and problematic practices are identified and resolved in a timely fashion. Financial markets and investors, regardless of geographic location, depend on high quality information in order to function effectively.

Please provide us with your experience in using, auditing or analyzing the application of such standards. Globally As mentioned, the IFRS is a globally accepted standard for accounting, and is used in more than countries.

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Recent events in the United States have highlighted the importance of high quality auditing standards and, at the same time, have raised questions about the effectiveness of today's audits and the audit process.

Please provide specific examples.

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Audit requirements may not be sufficiently developed in some countries to provide the level of enhanced reliability that investors in U.

In addressing this issue, please analyze the quality of the standard s in terms of the criteria we established in the press release.

However, as clients of audit firms have shifted their focus to global operations, audit firms have followed suit and now operate on a world-wide basis. Additional depreciation[ edit ] Many systems allow an additional deduction for a portion of the cost of depreciable assets acquired in the current tax year.

On the other hand, other factors could continue to deter foreign access to the U.

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Depreciation methods