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Knowledge of subject-matter content appropriate for preschool children and knowledge of professional standards in specific content areas. All rights reserved. As the twenty-first century begins, there can be little doubt that something approaching voluntary universal early childhood education, a feature of other wealthy industrialized nations, is also on the horizon here.

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The professional development of teachers is related to the quality of early childhood programs, and program quality predicts developmen tal outcomes for children. Effective care and education depends in large part on having a workforce with the right combination of skills, attitudes, behaviors, and characteristics that functions within supportive workplaces topics examined in further detail in Chapter 4. As learning scientists, measurement experts, and practitioners gradually create a new science and practice of assessment, there are several useful assessment methods that can be used to help to dig beneath the surface of overt behavior to get at thought processes. Such programs can prevent school failure and significantly enhance learning and development in ways that benefit the entire society. However, little evidence exists that specific qualifications, such as degrees earned, training, and certification can identify the successful teachers. Indeed, the striking feature of modern research is that it describes unexpected competencies in young children, key features of which appear to be universal. For example, he noted, many female immigrants from developing countries have few good employment options in the United States and are willing to work in child care for relatively low wages.

There can be no question that the environment in which a child grows up has a powerful impact on how the child develops and what the child learns. The decline affected child care workers throughout the skill distribution.

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When we see how the two girls respond to assistance, we can tell that they are at very different levels. These prior conceptions influence what the child notices about the environment and how they interpret it National Research Council, b, c. Some pertain to the technical adequacy of the instruments, and others derive from the way they are used National Research Council, b; Fuchs et al. Review the literature and synthesize the research on early childhood pedagogy. In the clinical interview, the interviewer asks the child to reflect on and articulate thinking processes. Perhaps most important, she noted, is that effective programs with longer term follow-up tend to show larger returns than those that only had shorter term follow-up results. Through intervention—by putting into practice the ideas or hypotheses raised by the initial assessment procedures—more information will be acquired that can serve the dual purpose of refining the assessment and enhancing the intervention. As a consequence, misuse is rampant, as experience with readiness tests demonstrates. That is, the more data that are accumulated, and the greater the time for benefits to emerge, the greater the quantifiable value of the return on investment. We know that the quality of the programs in which they leave their children matters. Karoly cautioned that these results cannot be used to compare the programs directly because they include a mix of types of interventions, as well as of lengths of follow-up, outcomes measured, target populations, and analytic methods. The committee proposes recommendations in each of these areas. Tasks are varied and modified, becoming more specific in order to focus on particular aspects of thinking, and more difficult in order to test the limits of understanding.

The Committee on Early Childhood Pedagogy was established by the National Research Council in to study a broad range of behavioral and social science research on early learning and development and to explore the implications of that research for the education and care of young children ages 2 to 5.

The growing consensus regarding the importance of early education stands in stark contrast to the disparate system of care and education available to children in the United States in the preschool years.

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Recommendation 9: The committee recommends that the U. Assessment itself is in a state of flux. This report argues, therefore, that promoting young children's growth calls for early childhood settings half day or full day, public or private, child care or preschool that support the development of the full range of capacities that will serve as a foundation for school learning. There are several characteristics common to performance assessment that make the technique particularly attractive to many who work in the early childhood field see Calfee, ; Herman et al. These tools have been used only to a limited degree in the early childhood context, Karoly explained. The NCTM journals frequently describe interview methods for teachers and give examples of their use. Curricula that encourage children to reflect, predict, question, and hypothesize examples: How many will there be after two numbers are added?

Department of Education should collaborate with universities in developing the demonstration schools and in using them as sites for ongoing research: on the efficacy of various models, including pairing demonstration schools as partners with community programs, and pairing researchers and in-service teachers with exemplary community-based programs; to identify conditions under which the gains of mentoring, placement of preservice teachers in demonstration schools, and supervised student teaching can be sustained once teachers move into community-based programs.

In addition to recognizing these challenges and problems, it is important to consider the assessment approach chosen in light of the purpose one has in mind.

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