An overview of the history of the communications industry

history and evolution of telecommunication

Growing consumer demand and the need to make better use of available spectrum resources fueled the development of a second generation of wireless technologies also commonly referred to as 2G technologies.

Meanwhile European monarchs set up postal services to carry their messages. Vonage VG connects customers with its cloud communications business. On April 3, Motorola manager Martin Cooper placed a cellular phone call in front of reporters to Dr.

history of telecommunication ppt

The evolution of the industry Restricted competition As a result of its massive benefits to consumers and businesses, the telecommunications industry is of high interest for economists, governments and for the citizens whom governments aim to protect from the effects of restricted competition, which is endemic in the industry.

The ability to convey information quickly, accurately, and efficiently has always been one of the main focuses driving human innovation.

the worldwide history of telecommunications

Consumer value and return on capital A key focus of regulation in telecommunications has been pricing. The next big step was the invention of the alphabet in what is now Israel and Lebanon about 1, BC.

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History of telecommunication