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The animals, like tigers, for example, are used as assets for tourism industries both domestic and international. Animals should not be caged and that what the zoos do. That is the life far too many captive animals are living. Mothers have to hunt, gather and forage enough food to feed their ever growing families while being on the lookout for rivals that could potentially take their precious find or kill. We must be the voice for animals who cannot speak for themselves. If this was done more often, we would not have lost some truly spectacular animals. Animals should not be kept in cages for the health and hygiene of animals and their owners. They suffer psychologically, often displayed by abnormal or self-destructive behavior. Animals need their freedom, they do not have a real home in zoos. At every zoo or animal park, you will hear the staff talking about conservation of wildlife numerous times because that is their overall message they are trying to reach people. Animals require stimulation and interaction with others in order to be well rounded and healthy. The only way to understand an animal properly is to see it in its natural environment. Submit Only when it's important. In the 21st century, we too risk losing most of our amazing fauna.

With smaller numbers, the remaining animals in the wild have more trouble finding a mate. This shortened lifespan is not only prevalent in whales and sea mammals.

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Animals should not be kept in cages but rather in enclosures and open plains monitored by humans because they are given food and protection and they can be bred to prevent their species extinction. But in cases like this when, for example the tiger, is being hunted by poachers so far out that it's leading towards extinction, it unfortunately becomes necessary.

The animals are held in a cage, not being able to roam free, causing the animal to become depressed for life.

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Tigers attract more visitors are always kept in large numbers in the zoos, unlike the unwanted ones which end up in roadside zoos or even in traveling circuses. Wars we have waged have also destroyed habitats, not to mention the hunting and poaching that occurs for furs, tusks, and other animal parts that can potentially be bought for a lot of money. Animals should not be kept in cages for the health and hygiene of animals and their owners. Visiting zoos gives a subliminal message that it is okay to use animals for our own ends, however it implicates their freedom or quality of life. The main causes for extinction are issues that humans have no control over in the wild including habitat destruction, food shortage and disease. The animals are held in a cage, not being able to roam free, causing the animal to become depressed for life. Get Essay The animals are not been viewed in their natural habitat and are not acting or behaving as wild animals. The only thing people learn about when they visit the zoos is that it is okay to keep animals in captivity where they get bored, lonely and very far from homes. Zoos used animals for entertainment against their will. Zoos are considered to be very dangerous places for wild animals in captivity, denial of veterinary care and are even at risk of being burnt when such conditions.

Scientists, zoologists, and the staff at zoos all agree that by keeping species in captivity, the species is benefiting from it. Some animals live less than half of their possible life span in captivity.

You may also be interested in the following: should animals be kept in zoos essay How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Furthermore, the locations of zoos are in urban areas.

Many people believe that zoos are concerned with the best interest of the animals they house. There is a counterpoint that says zoos are a good tool for education, the reality is that zoos are deficient on education. Wild animals belong in their natural habitats.

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Wild Animals Should Not Be Kept In Captivity.