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Step 5: Develop the new revised table by selecting the smallest element among all uncovered elements by the lines in table 3 viz.

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All zeros in the assigned columns are now crossed off as shown in table 2. Solution: Let us first construct the table for the possible layovers between flights, when crews are based at Delhi. Modified matrix. Phase 1 Step 0: Consider the given matrix. Step 2: Reduce the matrix by selecting the smallest element in each row and subtract with other elements in that row. Repeat the process until all the assignments have been made. The matrix entries are processing time of each man in hours. If optimally is not reached, then go to step 6. Assign this cell as shown in table 4. The figures circled indicate layover for crew based at Calcutta, whereas not circled figures are for Delhi based crew. This should reflect the affinities with the subject contents in the text book concerned. Assignment must be simple and enable the students to complete it within the stipulated time.

Thus cell C, V is Crossed off. Opportunity cost show the relative penalties associated with assigning resources to an activity as opposed to making the best or least cost assignment.

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The assignment method is a way of allocating organizational resources in which each resource is assigned to a particular task. Solution: Since the cost matrix is not a square matrix the problem is unbalanced.

Objectives of the assignments must be clear and definite. Strike off remaining zeros if any in that row or column.

Assignment technique

The bank has over 50 branches in New York but only ten in Chicago. Row-wise Reduction Step 3: Reduce the new matrix given in the following table by selecting the smallest value in each column and subtract from other values in that corresponding column.

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Each branch has a staff that is used to bring in new clients. To make it balanced we add a dummy row or dummy column with all the entries is zero. Example : Assign the four tasks to four operators. Definition of Assignment Problem: Suppose there are n jobs to be performed and n persons are available for doing these jobs. Subtract 3 from all other values that are not covered and add 3 at the intersection of lines. Regardless of the resource being allocated or the task to be accomplished, the goal is to assign resources to maximize the profit produced by the task or project. The Assignment method is an important step in teaching and learning process It provides good training for information seeking and retrieval behaviour. Step 7: Take any row or column which has a single zero and assign by squaring it. The row wise reduced matrix is shown in table below. Go to step 6. Strike off the remaining zeros in that column or row, and repeat the same for other assignments also. The solution is not optimal because only four assignments are made. Find an optimum assignment of jobs to the machines to minimize the total processing time and also find for which machine no job is assigned. Phase 2: Step 3: Reduce the new matrix column-wise using the same method as given in step 2. The matrix entries are processing time of each man in hours.
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