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Before the Battle of Gettysburg even started many soldiers had fought side by side in multiple battles as US Soldiers, where many friendships were born. Although the casualties were basically equal, the Battle of Gettysburg was the second and last great invasion the of the North, for the South had neither arms nor numbers to continue an assault, but the War dragged on for two more years.

Most importantly Gettysburg was the clash between the two major American Cultures of there time: the North and the South. Lee and the Confederate Army began their retreat back to Virginia. Abraham Lincoln, the commander and chief of the Union or Northern forces along with many other Northerners believed that slavery was not only completely wrong, but it was a great humiliation to America.

General Lee was determined to strike at the center of the Union Line believing that Meade would move most of his forces to sure up the flanks that barely held on the 2nd, and so ending day two.

The war between the Union and Confederacy had been in a sort of deadlock where each side could claim victories as easy as defeats.

Being one of the most pivotal and important events of the American Civil War, it stands today as a reminder of the senselessness and backwardness that the conflict brought our country, alongside a solemn memorial of violence.

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S History. Was three days of fighting enough to make that much of an impact on a war that lasted two more years after this famous battle. However, several things must first happen to lead up to this dramatic battle. The battle of Gettysburg reached its climax on the third day, when the men of General George Pickett charged up Cemetery Ridge. In this battle, General Robert E. However, it is believed that one battle determined the outcome of this War. Controversially Lee played a major part in why the South did so well, but also ultimately brought the Confederacy to its defeat against the north at the Battle of Gettysburg The causes of the Civil War, and the Battle of Gettysburg, one must understand the differences between these two cultures. I will be going over each day of the battle and how they ultimately led to a Union victory and a turning point in the Civil War. This three-day battle was the bloodiest of the American Civil War. The training of soldiers could be considered crucial with this strategy, yet many soldiers were trained in solely 90 basic commands before entering battle. The battle of Gettysburg is considered one of the most costly battles for the Civil War with over , troops engaged in the battle it was estimated to have over 51, casualties

They fought in the Battle of Gettysburg which was the worst battle of the Civil War. Tom enrolled as a private and Jeff as a drummer boy. In a speech like no other, given on the site of one of the bloodiest battlefields of the Civil War in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the 16th President of the United States reflects the utter freedom and equality the nation was raised upon.

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It began on July 1 and ended on July 3, The death total for the battle was great. Most importantly Gettysburg was the clash between the two major American Cultures of there time: the North and the South.

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Battle of Gettysburg Essay