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It's up to you to do your research and decide if an opportunity is right for you. Poverty and illiteracy are two underlying causes of criminal behavior. Some jobs let you spend your workday with your nose buried in books, scholarly works, or historical documents; others require a mastery of the written word or a passion for discussing published research or literature.

A degree in journalismcommunicationsor political science is a good place to start.

Day jobs for aspiring writers

In order to help people … learn to read and write, it is vital to have a strong knowledge of the structure of language and how languages are learned. Poorer people have reduced access to literacy resources, which in turn excludes them from future employment opportunities. Jobs for readers are as varied as the material itself. Such approaches, however, only succeed at preventing criminal acts. Plus, you can get great material for stories as you meet people from different walks of life. Screenwriter Do you dream of creating the next Hollywood blockbuster? The experts at Monster will help you craft a strong resume that doesn't lose sight of the plot: your awesomeness. Marketing communications specialist Also known as communications officers, these specialists create content that furthers an organization's marketing goals: brochures, e-books, press releases, and so on. Working in a specialized law, medical, or corporate library might require additional schooling in the corresponding field. As a columnist, you're expected to offer persuasive and reasoned opinions and perspectives on anything from city council's latest traffic bylaw to the current state of the U.

All Freelance Writing includes opportunities for bloggers, journalists, and technical writers. Copy editor Copy editors are the quality assurance technicians of the writing world. And we know you love to read! For those who do end up in the criminal justice system, reading programs in prison can be a key tool to reduce recidivism rates, since basic literacy skills will give released inmates more opportunities for legitimate employment upon reentering society.

It's no secret that poverty often leads to desperation, leading some to commit crimes as a way to escape an environment devoid of opportunity. While a book editor deals with the big-picture structure and form of a story, a copy editor gets into the nitty-gritty details and makes sure the text aligns with editorial guidelines.

And beware of content mills that expect writers to churn out articles at a breakneck pace for absurdly low rates sometimes as low as one cent per word.

best day jobs for writers

The social isolation of being illiterate can increase the risk of committing crimes and becoming the victim of one. To succeed in this role, you need excellent organizational and writing skills as well as an eye for detail and a solid understanding of how your company can meet the needs of potential clients.

The key is to come up with something that a broad spectrum of people can relate to. I found my online school there and I'm very satisfied.

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24 Awesome Jobs for Writers That Offer Real Opportunities