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Apple also uses the social media which represent more opportunities regarding the awareness of the product and services, that how a product should be used and what are its amazing specifications. In which case the internal structural formation and polices governing the company may be regards to as the micro, this integrate the whole internal organisation departments.

Brand reputation: Basically Apple products have the same well design architectural interface and excellent product performance which makes customers adapt easily, this function gives customers a pretty good idea of the products they are about to purchase.

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Jeynes, R. Apple products are designed so they can meet all communication needs, the products of Apple are Laptop, on-the-go tablets, operating system, personal computer, online store, and accessories etc. In addition, Kim notes that economies of scale have to be taken advantage of in order to gain a platform and access the distribution channels effectively. Apple brings in innovation and advancement in products based on a form of the products, quality of the products, improvement in products, styles of the products, packing of products and providing warranty and guarantee of products. The company designs and later sells consumer electronics, personal computers and computer software. For example, an iPad gives value to users in the sense that it can be used to make voice calls, watch movies, listen to music, and take photos, internet browsing and editing documents among others. Nielson, S. Microsoft Increase production in Asia Probably try to launch product lines that are not quite expensive like the Apple products. Lowering the price of products makes competitors attract more customers that are price sensitive. In addition, the company could establish a school in China where children who are rescued from child labor can attend. Therefore the company should distinguish its products from its competitors so as to maintain it premium pricing and quality.

Health and fitness are growing as the people are more concerned about the health, so wearable items can be proved as the profitable opportunity for the Apple.

Apple has opportunities like smart wearable devices, which includes the smartphone watch, Fitbit etc. In the Apple, headquarters there are skilled workers, they are continually helping the teams, and the company is assessing toward the innovative and new thinking.

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Apple iTunes is considered as the fastest mobile app that can download more than songs in a minute. Some of the software sold by the company includes Final cut studio that is a music and video production suite, Aperture which is Proffessional photography software, iTunes media browser, Mac Os X operating system and Logic studio which is a music production suite Apple, The positive growth has shown in the recent years, a maximum number of a consumer are attracting towards the brand Apple, as the customers are satisfied, the profitability of the company is increasing every year. Apple is a big competitor of technological products in the market. Apple Inc. Moreover, Apple needs to focus on the pricing strategies, and should adjust the prices for the benefits Tar, Political factors Since Apple has presence in various countries, the company has to make sure that it adheres to the specified rules and regulations in the various countries in terms of tax rates to be paid, employment rules, business rules and many other aspects. Samsung offer products like Tablets, smartphones, Television, cameras, Washing machines, Microwave, laptops and printers, refrigerators etc. The SPACE matrix normally has two axes where one axis represents the two internal dimensions of an organization — financial and competitive position while the other axis represents two external dimensions — stability and industry position. Threats There are threats from the Apple; the biggest threat for the company could be its pricing strategy because other android companies are giving same functions or software at the lower prices than Apple. The technology industry is perpetually evolving to be successful Apple has to stay ahead of the curve using strategic planning to ensure that their innovative products dominate the market. Samsung users can enjoy comforts but Apple users can also share the music, video, movies etc. Now the question arises what will be the next new product line or product in the future, will it have the same market as other products of Apple have. Nokia in the last few years largely promoting its windows phones with the help of advertising on television media so that they can attract customers but the demand of Android phone is increasing day by day the demand of windows phone in decreasing day by day. Resource Management At Apple Inc.

Apple iTunes is considered as the fastest mobile app that can download more than songs in a minute. This is why it is of high significant for the company to constantly invest in new innovations, features and designs.

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Apple is providing its products to its customers at the places where they can buy easily like online shopping of products, products at retailers and big shops etc. External Audit and External Factor Evaluation Opportunities By intensifying its efforts in China, Apple can be able to considerably increase the number of its customers since the population of China is approximated to be over one million people.

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Apple has the loyal customers because desired products are offered to them. In addition, the strategy as discussed by Tolentino has played a big role in helping Samsung widen its gap as the biggest seller of Smart phones as sales of Galaxy note and Galaxy S2 smart phones outstripped the iphone by nearly 10 million units. Rivalry among existing competitors in the industry Rivalry between competing firms in a given industry can be of different types. The four SWOT factors are usually the decision determinate on internal basis at the corporate level. Apple uses advertisements to motivate the consumer and to attract them with such amazing Apple applications; the recent acquisition of the Beats headphone is created to promote the cultural awareness and attract the younger generation to buy the product. According to Allison and Hobbs pp , resource management more especially the human capital is critical in ensuring there is increased productivity and performance of the organization in the market. Online shopping via App stores, apple. Apple Inc. To compete with competitors, Apple is making effective strategies and plans and bringing in innovation and advancement in their products and services. Cengage Learning. Looking back at when the company was incorporated one of it investor with the name Mike Markkula created a three point marketing philosophy, amazingly 35years letter the company still manage to use it and gain strong marketing position and customer loyalty.

This is the only way for the organization to maintain it balance, if any of it corporate strategy could not align with the marketing strategy the organization has a high tendency to tumble on implementation of that strategy.

The top executives are expected to pay more attention to marketing departments so as to see how to integrate corporate strategies with the marketing strategy.

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Marketing is not just about promoting commodities but rather it serves as one of the key measurement indicator for the success or failure in a competitive business atmosphere as accreted by Gronhaug et To analyse the internal organisational environment a well know analysis method is commonly used. Another challenge posed by Apple is that there is increased completion from established competitors like HP, Google, Microsoft and Dell among others. This can easily make some of their customers to go for other alternatives at lower price. With the help of the strategies, Apple is fulfilling the demands of the customers, which are cohesive. On the other hand, discount on products by Apple is usually unheard by many people. Daft, R. Developing of Marketing Strategy Trellian concentrating on product or service development is an essential aspect of organizational growth, but this those not gives the organization a clear view to plot its long team future goals and objectives. From the Laptop and gaming console point of view, Sony is considered at no one place. GRIN Verlag.

Sony also promotes its products with the help of s television media, in the last few years, Sony is promoting its product online at social media sites and on the internet. Texas Instruments as noted by Forbes is the major supplier of signaling chips to various computers and handset manufacturers.

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