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Step 2 - Greeting be positive, do some small talk, ensure privacy. Remember that description adds value, criticism detracts.

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Aside from the wrap up, the rest of the model can be used fluidly, making it ideal for complex situations. Want to accelerate your management success? It might give you the desired outcome in the short-term but will always backfire and create more problems at a later stage. You can however feed your brain better input and influence the importance given to certain inputs. Handling major life setbacks — High-performance coaching can help people recover from major business or personal setbacks. You may think that "high-performance coaching" means coaching for high performers — in other words, people who, for whatever reason, have been identified as "star talent. Coach or tell?

Whether or not to opt for a coaching approach depends on your situation at a given moment. This price will be increased by the end of The goal of this session is to develop a free, consciously-directed, positively engaged mind. You might start with a vague Goal that only becomes clear after examining the Reality in some detail.

The best coaches leverage the skills and tools they have to select the most appropriate ones for the situation they are in.

Performance coaching process

Be careful not to mix performance coaching with counselling. But even though there is a sequence, you need to go back and forth between the different steps. Also, just note that all of your other work related interactions with employees-texts, meetings, casual encounters, phone conversations- support or detract from your coaching efforts. Again, you need to be a good listener; and you strategically give feedback and guidance if needed. So how does awareness relate to coaching performance? We look carefully at how you can cut out distracting activities and, in this way, level up your ability to reach your goals. This information helps sort out those behaviors that are easy to change from those that are hard-wired. Make sure you do not make the same mistake. Everything your coachee says is important. Coaching is a way of thinking and interacting with people that communicates high expectations, respect and caring. Ready to boost your coaching skills? Do your leaders lack the skills to coach their direct reports, peers or even senior leaders? Even after years of performance coaching, I still find it refreshing and rewarding to coach coaches.

Coaching is not micro-managing and limiting. You will learn tools to help you improve your level of persuasion so you make a positive impact. Susan B.

Grow Process - A structured coaching process to reliably move from Goals to Action Plans, based around asking effective questions.

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