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Through practice, Le Corbusier developed his own architectural theories in his Five Points on Architecture. Modernity merely accelerates and integrates this. The Industrial Revolution allowed products to be produced on an industrial scale, allowing ordinary people access to goods that would have been otherwise not have been in their reach He focused on provincial towns away from the extravagance of the big cities.

The prevailing climatic and geographical conditions had a significant bearing on these styles.

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The post-WWII environment along with political and artistic solidarity in the emerging Arab World promoted an exchange of ideas and individuals throughout the region. Like Atget, Abbott and Evans before him, Stephen Shore was interested in photographing the present for the benefit of the future.

Many buildings, from Greek or Roman temples, to our modern-day skyscraper can be recognized as having ornamentation. Last Added.

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Although being very different in term of their contemporary cultural-socio-political state, to a certain extend, the two examples still share similarity, which modern space planning start to be driven more by the characteristic of the client Such images can be understood as found montages that make thinkable the new tensions of modern life.

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Architecture as Photography