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Kreutzer, P n. Among Australian universities, only finding is relevant to the research duration Monash University and the Australian National University offer diplomacy as a separate field of study from IR. Furthermore, terrorist groups, multinational corporations, and private citizens actively engage in transnational diplomacy, and even forge strong diplomatic relations with sovereign states. Therefore, what is diplomacy? Almost all of them contend that the state is the actor in diplomacy and that diplomacy is about negotiation. In summary, diplomacy is not only a state phenomenon. Thus, if they were to meet, it would not be a meeting of strangers. The programs are pioneering, and unique in their content and approach and offer valuable professional development programs.

Marshall, PP ositive diplomacy, Macmillan, London. The CCDS offers several kinds of professional development programs for the students in order to enable them relevant practical experience and professional relationships in the field they desire to work in after their studies.

diplomacy master thesis

In the modern diplomatic world, no one is a stranger to anyone else as a result of modern communications technology, which facilitates the spread of knowledge. Holmes, M.

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Thus, the study of IR is not the study of diplomacy, unless the curriculum specifically incorporates diplomacy studies. This professional experience that is provided for the students is the main scope of the professional development program and is designed specifically in order to provide students with the best tools in order to develop their careers and to acquire jobs in these institutions and organizations.

It also encompasses non-state actors because non-state actors also engage in transnational diplomacy. In relation to foreign policy formulation and implementation, a politician represents the legislature, whereas a diplomat represents the executive branch.

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