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It has brought many benefits to modern society. Areas such as: home, work, schools, automobiles, electronics, and humans. Computers contain harmful chemicals which can affect our environment when failed to dispose it properly. With the computer speed, information generation and analysis through generation of graphs and simulations has enabled business organizations in reducing the magnitude of business risks that tend to be very costly FortuneCity, Computers have also positively transformed the learning field with the ability of instructors to enhance the learning process with the inclusion of superior teaching techniques like the use of slide shows Tomlon and Mary The online communities have also achieved a neutral foundation in which various communal issues like politics can be addressed for mutual welfare.

The both positive and negative impacts of computers are listed below.

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The manner in which people over depend on the computers technology has rapidly increased and has brought several changes on the economic sector, political sector, and the education sector. Banking: Branches are equipped with terminals giving them an online accounting facility and enabling them to information as such things as current balances, deposits, overdrafts and interest charges.

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With regard to productivity, computers have lead to economic advancement through the creation of trade globalization by overcoming the spatial differences accorded to geographical issues that inhibited the growth of business organizations with regard to market extensions Bowers 3. Blocking inappropriate sites Using parental control in routers Environmental Problems. Although these areas are already affected, they will be even more as we move into the future. There will be many areas affected by the wide use of computers. While traveling by plane, an airline provides users with internet services to connect to laptops or a Smartphone. Beyond these issues, it is also reported that computers can give mental stress to the users while trying to fix different issues and anxiety when unable to complete work on time due to slow computers, virus infections etc. They can see the transactions in one part of the world while staying in the other part. Computerized alarming devices activates in case of any emergency. Most of the medical equipment are used to monitor the patient continuously are computerized. Thus, an emerging area of criminal behavior is cyber crime. This has infused a high level of significance attributed to the technology especially within the latter half of the twentieth century when computer usage across the globe gained considerably. Piracy is another major issues created by computer technology and Internet. In communication, Computer technology in communication is used to share data or messages through the Internet.

An aid to management: The computer can also be used as a management tool to assist in solving business problems. More information can be stored in small space.

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Information unreliability has also had an unconstructive impact with lack of credibility leading affecting business premises and learning organizations. In addition computers are also used for recording and film studios, research, military, etc. Within the environment, aspect computers have been identified as contributors of greenhouse gases, specifically carbon dioxide, leading to ecological degradation.

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Research and technology industries like medicine and space studies have been able to obtain superior milestones within their respective practices for enhanced social wellbeing. Areas such as: home, work, schools, automobiles, electronics, and humans. Positive Impact of Computer - The work can be done in very less time. There are many forms of fraud techniques people may use against a target and there are government agencies which will provide awareness for those techniques. Students take their computers home after a long day at school where they either do homework or play games. Nowadays computer plays a vital role in the field of traveling. Computers were also affordable to individual consumers, making it possible for many people. Thus, an emerging area of criminal behavior is cyber crime. Without computers, the world would be a harder place to live in Doctors are using computers to diagnose disease and for many other purposes. This has actually infused a level of variances within classrooms from the conventional teaching forms and subsequently, learning has become more appealing to students. The farmers get information about crops, their market prices, to find the cost, etc. For example, technological advances will change society and home since there are many high technology systems will be installed, which will improve the quality of life. Fitting on a desktop, they were much faster and more powerful than the computers that had once filled large rooms. Students have also become less industrious in personal research with the ability to copy and plagiarize educational information from the internet.
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Essay on The Effects of Computers on Society