English the global language essay

The needs of a common language among different languages and people has created the needs of both pidgins and creoles Internet communication is mainly in English because Internet was born in the USA so that is not surprising. It was comforting to be able to communicate with others when we were lost, needed help or just wanted to talk.

Another serious negative point is taking much time and money. Moreover, it is bounded to be divided into dialects. Therefore, governments and leaders should consider the adverse consequences of English as a global language when making decisions in mass media policies, and consider the importance of its impact on young people and minority communities in terms of linguistic and culture identity.

A lingua franca and Multilingualism should stand side by side, forming a common language policy. Old generation might need to study English to communicate with the youth ages.

There are courses on the Internet and special groups, where English teachers from all over the world discuss about the new challenge of their profession.

english as a world language essay

Get Essay Furthermore, using English, people can have more friends, widen peer relationships with foreigners and can not get lost.

Another aspect that it is important to take into account is linguistic Culture loss. As writing is one of the essential skills of a languageso it is a way of communication.

Think about even within the English languageā€¦ each dialect southern, Midwest, New England has its own character.

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English as a global language