Essay about diversity in india

Each and every region of the country portrays different customs and traditions.

essay on diversity

In fact, people from all religions participated in these festivals. Living together with love and harmony provides the real essence of life.

Racial diversity in india

In his opinion the last two types would account for the racial composition of tribal India. The Persian and Western influence on our art, literature, painting and dress have now become an integral part of our own culture. Unity in diversity in almost all aspects of the society has become source of strength and wealth all through the country. It is the feeling which holds the people together and a bond which imply a sense of oneness. Generally, Indian cuisine can be split into five categories - northern, southern, eastern, western, and north-eastern. The divorce rates are rising in India. Traditionally, the red bindi was worn only by married Hindu women, and coloured bindi was worn by single women, but now all colours and glitter has become a part of women's fashion. In fact Sanskrit served as the lingua franca during the ancient times.

Islam in India is the second largest religion with over million Muslims, according to India's census. It is the land of many languages it is only in India people professes all the major religions of the world. Keeps people away from social problems and help to manage conflicts easily.

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conclusion of unity in diversity

The Indians have lived by this thought since the very beginning and still practice it. Gandhiji worked to develop harmony between the Hindus and the Muslims. After the seventh step and vows of Saptapadi, the couple is legally husband and wife. Though there is a variety in our languages, literature and art, as Indians, we all are one.

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Essay on Unity in Diversity for Children and Students