Essay on role of mass media in nation building

Already, some of the cities and towns present awesome spectacles of barely controlled disorder, of over-flowing sewage and empty water pipes, of smoke- spewing vehicles which breed like rabbits and slums that swell with unemployed, under-employed — or unemployable!

At this critical time Radio Pakistan assumed a role far larger than the sum of its stations and its offices. This contains a very interesting discussion, especially for the statistician, of a number of different kinds of mean.

Pluck for the Muses three boughs of sacred laurel and myrtle, wave them in sunlight eternal! New initiatives are direly needed for creating a balanced global media civil society. Certain features are shared by Pakistan with other developing countries.

The characteristics of Mr. They will need to add new capabilities that go far beyond event-centred reportage and stenographic reporting to creative and conceptual levels untrapped in the conventional mind-set of daily journalism.

Just as the name and the sound of Pakistan were becoming part of the air waves, Radio Pakistan also became a rallying point for the sentiments of patriotism and the desire to assert the defence of a new homeland against threats from India.

To conclude: media in the 21st century will have a full and daunting agenda. God in the fulness of time sent forth his son in the likeness of sinful flesh, born under the law, that he might redeem those who were under the law.

role of media in national integration ppt

Media dictionary. The other is the Median, though here it is always known under another name, i. On the one hand, as partners and beneficiaries in the avaricious advance of the free market, as vehicles for increased, aggressive commercialism and advertising. The East wing was predominantly Bengali-speaking.

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Role Of Media In Nation Bulding Essay