Exercise 11 postlab

Touching the cornea Pinching the hind toes 5. The PreLab and the Report Form is due the same day that the experiment is performed. It is assumed that students currently enrolled in this course Chemistry have previously completed Chemistry when it was possible to take the lecture without the lab.

Failure to wear goggles will result in expulsion from the laboratory for the experiment involved. The type of reflex produced upon the first application of acid is complex coordinated. Materials more than two weeks late will not be graded. PostLabs are usually due the week after the experiment was run.

For this experiment, you will be assigned a partner.

physioex 11

It is your responsibility to properly maintain the equipment while it is in your care. Investigation 13 - Alka-Seltzer and a Little Gas. Evidence of hearing 9.

physioex activity 4
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