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Shelves: contemporary-literarybook-i-own "I come from a place where breath, eyes, and memory are one, a place from which you carry your past like the hair on your head. We're talking about stories where women transform into butterflies Kafka would be proudbirds are con men, goddesses rule the roost, and stars are monsters in disguise.

Besides, you know, because knowing about history and culture makes you a better, more interesting, and more empathetic person?

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Sophie has led a reasonably happy life for a child living in a poor country rife with political unrest and violence. When she finally gets through, he tells her that Martine has committed suicide by stabbing herself in the stomach with a rusty knife seventeen times.

But why's it important that people of non-Haitian descent know about the history and culture of a Caribbean nation? Through Sophie Caco's narrative, you're going to get an intimate look at what it means to be Haitian in general, and specifically what it means to be a Haitian-American woman navigating her identity in both her old homeland and her new home.

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In that week, Sophie attends her sexual phobia group and meets with her therapist, Rena, while Joseph tries to help her heal. The next night, Sophie and Martine go to a Haitian restaurant with Marc, an affluent Haitian immigration lawyer who has become Martine's long-term lover. What I found to be lacking in this novel, however, was a feeling of connection to any of these women. Is it gritty realism, or a genre-bending dreamscape? But while turmoil and bloodshed saturate Sophie's tale from the very beginning, her story also reveals Haitian folklore and spirituality. The sympathy between them returns. Breath, Eyes, Memory isn't a "pink piece" to be filed under the dreaded category of "Chick Lit. Yeah, we thought not. Sophie mediates on her mother's rape, probably due to a Macoute, and on the Haitian obsession with female purity. She then elopes with Joseph and they marry. This one gets 2. Do you remember that time you spent a semester reading Haitian literature?

Sophie spends the night at her mother's house, and the next morning Martine reveals that she is pregnant by Marc. Preparations for the trip begin. This one gets 2. She grows into a woman who fights a battle with herself as a woman, wife, mother, as well as daughter.

She tells Sophie that although they started off wrong, now that Sophie is an adult, she and Martine can begin again. Breath, Eyes, memory. But this testing stopped early, as Martine was raped by a masked man at sixteen on her way home from school, leaving her pregnant with Sophie.

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Sophie has been raised in Haiti by her Tante Atie for the first twelve years of her life. As she has recounted in interviews, the book began as an essay of her childhood in Haiti and her move as a young girl to New York City. On the plane home, the stress of being in Haiti leaves Martine physically ill. Certain traditions that are passed on are simply shocking and perplexing. Over the next decade, Sophie and Martine's relationship grows both deeper and more strained as Martine reveals stories from her past: the rape that resulted in Sophie's birth, the way that violent political upheaval touched every Haitian's life, and the horrors that spring forth when women's worth is determined by their virginity. Plot introduction[ edit ] Breath, Eyes, Memory was Danticat's first novel, published when she was only twenty-five years old. Arriving home to a poor neighborhood, Martine tells Sophie that her only chance lies in academic success. What I loved most about Breath, Eyes, Memory were some of the lyrical descriptions of Haiti and its people.
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