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SSTs will work as an example of a major innovation in order to make it easier for the interviewees to imagine the process that will take place. A course manual will be available for sale to international small business operators who cannot attend.

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Let's get on the beer train, shall we? This handy device saves you the embarrassment of meal-induced halitosis by offering each customer free mouthwash! Whoo whoo! This distinction between high and low contact systems enables the managers to develop a more effective service operation and the service companies to make their operations as efficient as possible.

Therefore, it would be interesting to see if the same arguments hold in a company, where every store is owned by the company. This is due to the fact that franchisees were more concerned about resources, costs and conditions of the local market.

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The franchisor, or parent company, gives the right and power to the franchisee, an independent entrepreneur, to market and sell branded products and services of a franchisor Furquim De Azevedo, Nowadays innovation and technology are affecting and changing radically the way how services are developed and delivered to the consumers. Ok, it may make them look like they are covered in goo from Ghostbusters 2 but if it saves money, who cares? Furquim De Azevedo debated that the formal power the right to decide of the franchisor will be greater if the number of company-owned stores increases; and this increase will deliver more real power the effective control over decisions to the franchisor due to the information collected from the franchisees, gathers important knowledge about them. The Innovation Technology, basically, helps customers to replace employees and produce services themselves Natarajan et al, Look, you can put them in different compartments and expose them to the raw power of microwaves! This occurs for three main reasons: franchisor tries to increase its profit by taking control over the most profitable stores, franchisor acquires local knowledge of site when acquiring stores and franchisor increases the managerial skills of the company. Observing some examples from other different industries, which had implemented this kind of new and innovative technologies, there are many interesting and huge opportunities for these technologies to be implemented with great benefits for fast food companies and their customers. Starting from the definition of Natarajan for the SSTs, who describes them as all the technological products that enable customers to produce their own service reducing the waiting time, the author has considered as fast food restaurants all those places where usually customers do not spend long time to eat and rest.

Breakfast sandwich maker Like breakfast sandwiches? Clearly, you don't want scented soap before you eat but it would be nice to have the option after eating. Schumpeterwho has defined the innovation as the act of infusing a new component or a mix of components into production, affirmed it is of vital importance for companies to be competitive.

This second explanation has gathered more supporters among franchising scholars. The presence of franchisees provides an important source for the innovation due to their strong incentives and initiatives to generate new ideas for their advantage, good intuitions based on their experience and strong motivations for the company managers and the entire system to be more dynamic and to generate more ideas.

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