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Only by keeping civil society in its subordinate position can the state preserve its own freedom. At the time, France leadership was under one obsolete government; one king was given all the power to decide the fate of the nation.

However, in the Mirabeau had been against this law, but he died on 2 April, and by the end of the year, the law was passed.

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I t rather builds an historically emergent framework in which individuals act to sat is fy not their phys ical requirements or psychological desires, but those freely chosen needs whose means of satisfaction can only be had through other ana l ogously needy ind ivid uals.

By 7 September, 1, people were dead. Although the constitution of had given all men in France a vote, in this constitution only people with a certain amount of property could vote. The Estate general had no powers even to call for their meeting leave alone to impact change in the country.

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Burke had predicted the rise of a military dictatorship and that the revolutionary government instead of protecting the rights of the people would be corrupt and violent.

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French Revolution