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The second question focuses on Amazon.

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Exploring strategy. Still the company could manage in achieving a better efficiency in its business and building up a strong image so as to achieve excellence within its business. In factor H, there are a thousands of small competitors in the fast-fashion industry who are focus the local market. Leung, K. Thus, a score of 3 in G is awarded. They also enjoy a greater economies of scale which enable them to attack new entrants in different ways. Thus, a score of 4 in C is awarded. Every time we drive a car, use electricity from coal-fired power plants, or heat our homes with oil or natural gas, we release carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases into the air. The second issue faced by Global Communications is increased competition. Nevertheless, Amazon. As it is freely entrance, it enables new competitors to enter the industry easily. Consistency was a continuous presence within the strategies implemented by FedEx. Global Communications is finding it very difficult to compete in local and international markets for the same business. As a result, the human resource department have to hire people who has critical thinking and train staff to build up entrepreneurial spirit in their mind.

Thus, a score of 4 in A is awarded. Cross-cultural competence in international business: Toward a definition and a model.

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They have been involved in developing technology that will support in reducing the environmental impact and also has mechanisms to ensure sustainable resource being used in manufacturing and production operations Stokes, Bishop and Phillips, Communication technology in international business-to-business relationships.

There are no barriers erected by the government to enter the industry. Report analysis the cultural differences that are managed by the McDonald and suggests a strategy for future global growth Globalization covers three strategies: international, multinational, and global.

Generally when this happens, stockholders and members of their Board of Directors will demand that immediate, corrective actions be taken. One must not however forget that this industry contributed significantly to the international transportation of commodities and finished merchandise, meaning as such that it provided a major component of the infrastructural backbone of global development. The solution to an effective global strategy lies on the suitable construction and supervision of an organizational universal value chain. As there is program of is playing the top item in each stores. Despite this enthusiasm, however, there exists a great deal of conceptual ambiguity about what a "global" strategy really means Ghoshal, ; Kobrin, Costs and Production 15 4. There is a chance for a firm to adopt a hybrid strategy which integrated in both aspects. Communication technology in international business-to-business relationships. The inbound logistic avoid the middleman which lower the cost. The people of the society may be of diverse culture that require the company to ensure that they value the culture and beliefs of its people. What DataClear needs to do is to not panic, slow down, and take a clearer look at its situation and the business environment and develop some strategic options that will allow it to go global when the time comes.

However, there are also ordering service from other countries.

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