Himba clan of namibia

Again, according to the elderly this dates back to the great droughts where water was scarce and only men were allowed access to water for washing purposes.

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In every village you will find the holy fire smouldering while next to it some logs of wood are put on a sacred stone in order to feed the fire when needed. Check our post with all kinds of practical information and tips you should know before going on safari for the first time.

Himba language

Women's sandals are made from cows' skin; while men's are made from old car tires. We spent about an hour at the Himba village, followed by some serious off-road driving over the dry river bed and a very bumpy savannah following a herd of desert elephants. This implies themselves and also their clothes. The fire-keeper approaches the sacred ancestral fire every seven to eight days in order to communicate with Mukuru and the ancestors on behalf of his family. The villages have a circular shape and are generally enclosed by a fencing made up of mopane branches, for protection against any type of danger and to delimit the village borders. Members live under a tribal structure based on bilateral descent that helps them live in one of the most extreme environments on earth. Just like the Japanese who lived in isolation for much of their history under the Tokugawa Shogunate, the Himba people practically live in seclusion and are wary of external contacts.

The Himba people believed in polygamy and many of their young girls married off at an early age. Himba woman Visiting Himba and Damaraland safari day trip with kids The day started with a guided Damaraland safari morning tour, followed by a visit to the Himba village, more safari, lunch, and then again safari drive till sunset.

We were staying in Palmwag for a couple of days, and we knew that there are a lot of guided safari rides and also Himba tours available from there. Hairstyle and jewellery are very important for the Himba, it indicates the age and the social status of each person within the community.

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Himba people social organisation and religious beliefs Himba girl and boys - Photo Credits: Romina Facchi The Himba live in Northern Namibia, they refuse modern progress and Western culture and still live according to ancient traditions. What makes this tribe so popular has to do with their way of living, clothing, economy, and interesting customs.

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The real reason why the Himba people in Namibia don't bath