History of ganga river essay

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Scholars have collected many tales about this river that springs from a dozen sources on the roof of the world.

Factories in this city along the coast are spilling pollutants into the river.

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Its most-important southern tributary is the Son River. Ganga is considered to be the goddess or river. The Hooghly River is formed by the confluence of the Bhagirathi River and Jalangi River at Nabadwipand Hooghly has a number of tributaries of its own.

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River Ganga has much importance for Indians. Kannan, O.

History of ganga river essay

However, industry is not the only source of pollution. It has also been important historically: many former provincial or imperial capitals such as Patliputra, Kannauj, Kara, Allahabad, Murshidabad,and Calcutta have been located on its banks. If a very strong effort is not put in to helping save this river it will not be able to help anybody. She is not just a river, she is a symbol of something higher than what the world has to offer. The five confluences, known as the Panch Prayag , are all along the Alaknanda. Comparatively speaking, Bihar is neither a substantial user of Ganga water for irrigation nor for industries. So it is truth that both India and Ganga are seeking. With the onset of the rainy season and extended over to a few months afterwards the flow is much more than we shall be able to consume even with higher demands in future. This strong seasonal variation underlies many problems of land and water resource development in the region. To the seaward side of the delta as a whole, there is a vast stretch of tidal mangrove forests and swampland.

Its water is widely used in irrigation and agriculture purpose.

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Essay on Ganga River and Its Importance