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You import your script right from Final Draft and it generates strips with all the metadata you need: scene headings, script content, cast members per scene, page lengths. An example props breakdown from Brains season 2 You can do the same thing with locations- what locations do you already have free access to?

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For wardrobe, count how many outfits each character will need throughout the series, labeling them however you like Outfit 1, Outfit 2 is the easiest way to do this.

Tag elements like props, wardrobe, and cast. For example, if you are shooting a horror film, you may want to define all the elements related to prosthetics. It takes the grunt work out of the scheduling process.

Make sure scene numbers have been generated. Check out our complete guide. Create breakdown summaries and DOOD reports in a snap. It's a spreadsheet, which means a lot of point-by-point data entry and room for human error. The less shooting days an actor has, the better, especially for low budget.

You only have one first impression of the story, so give yourself a chance to connect to it.

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Head to Stareable. This measurement is used to estimate the screen time and shooting time for a scene.

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How to Break Down a Script (FREE Script Breakdown Sheet Template)