Informative writing activities for second grade

During the reading, I walked students through reading each paragraph in a variety of ways. I had them write down one fact from each column. Each week, we go through the same processwhere we gather facts, sort facts, and write about an animal. Using text and video to gather facts, we will go through the same process so that it is familiar and ingrained.

In future weeks, I amend that direction to have students focus on one column and organizing their facts about one attribute. I chose to have students write about sea turtles. Providing your students with an informational writing graphic organizer gives them a visual guide for organizing both their thoughts and the basic layout of their responses.

informational writing 2nd grade samples

However, all my sorts have simple sentences to accommodate all learners. Each week, I will also focus on one component of expository writing for the mini-lessons.

informational writing for kids

Teach your students to share this value by publishing their work for the world to see and enjoy.

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2nd Grade Informational Writing Resources