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That leadership has to be all about trust — the leader winning the trust of the frontbench, the caucus and the community. Anstey welcomed him warmly as an ally and in February Curtin was elected to caucus executive: 'the Labor party had added to its ranks an orator whose worth as a fighting force seemed incalculable'. This was in no small part due to his guidance of Australia through the chaos of the Second World War, in the face of the greatest threat the young country has yet faced. Curtin's most famous speech lasted only two or three minutes when he told the House that the Coral Sea battle was in progress. Curtin was in touch with the heretical views of Colonel Henry Wynter. But not before he was charged with failure to enlist in the First World War, convicted in absentia to three months imprisonment, and eventually jailed for three days. The war emergency provided him both with additional powers and, to some extent, an easier political climate than he would have had in normal times. In March Calwell accused him of preparing to lead a national government, Curtin offered his resignation, Calwell apologized and caucus unanimously confirmed the leadership. For four years of war Curtin navigated the shoals of public morale, military defeats and victories, and cooperation with impatient allies. Curtin insisted that it return to Australia. Nonetheless, he had no doubts about conscription and worked closely with Holloway, Hyett and Ross in preparation for the plebiscite on 28 October It will be recalled that the fall of Dunkirk initiated the Battle for Britain. Frank Green ranked him as the best orator parliament had known. England was a disappointment; he was unwell. Labor lost every Western Australian seat in Federal parliament and won only 15 out of 50 State seats, but in the second conscription plebiscite considerably reduced the 'Yes' majority.

He met many interesting people and returned with moderate enthusiasm for the League of Nations as a force for peace. Curtin managed to broker the policy through the party executive and caucus, but he was never entirely comfortable with it.

Denounced: Your slander of Australia and her people will be known far and wide when your enfeebled nation crumbles!

John curtin

In Curtin sounded out Scullin as Gowrie's possible successor, then in November announced the appointment of the Duke of Gloucester. Australia was to be the base from which an American-led counter-attack would be launched; the Americans were saving Australia only incidentally.

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Baron Keynes, A. Such was their trust, in August the Australian Trades Union Anti-Conscription Congress appointed Curtin organizer later secretary of its national executive to oppose conscription for overseas service.

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Curtin replaced James Scullin as leader of the federal parliamentary Labor Party and Leader of the Opposition in A sturdy backman, about 5 ft 11 ins cm tall and almost twelve stone 76 kghe was subsequently active in football administration.

Jack Lang 's adoption of 'repudiation' and the imposition of his policy on New South Wales Labor members led to the expulsion, moved by Curtin, of the State branch in March

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Modern Labor: What Would John Curtin Think?