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His thinking was so unique and unpredictable, his ideas so variegated and inconsistent — and at times beyond the pale — that it was impossible for him to be welcomed wholeheartedly into Cold War policymaking.

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In other words, he did not want the U. This policy of no first use would lower the risk of nuclear conflict, but Nitze rejected it. He had yet to attain real responsibility, or to have written anything that attracted the attention of the people who mattered. The State of the Union Address. The two worked together both developing and defending the Marshall Plan. Wiest, Andrew A. The Capital Building, Washington D. Lawrence, Kan. Successive administrations ignored the advice of Kennan, the father of containment, and the result was catastrophe. New York: Henry Holt, American politicians play a unique game in which they seek reelection, and opposing politicians use any means to counter the other party, so politicians cannot take the risk of looking weak to the major enemy of the time. Kennan, when he ran the Policy Planning Staff at the State Department, brought Nitze on as his deputy and groomed him as his successor. When America entered Vietnam, Kennan was even more enraged than he was after the U.

Many historians and political scientists now see that using containment theory in Vietnam was wrong. For a comprehensive outline of the origins, key events, and conclusion of the Cold War, click here.

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Had Truman gauged capabilities with no reference to ideology and intentions, he might have given way to the Soviets in Berlin rather than ordering the airlift. Kennan Finally and most importantly, the two papers differed on the question of political or military containment.

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He accepted the logic of America attempting to influence Asian affairs, but he warned against the belief that Asia was integral to U. Kennan took defeats bitterly and personally.

Paul Nitze was garrulous, an intense man of action.

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At this party meant to honor and celebrate his life, Kennan took the opportunity to explain why containment failed, saying that it took too long to get results and the costs were too high.

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The United States’ (Mis)interpretation of Containment Theory