Learning enviroment and its effects on student academic performance in integrated science essay

When students show poor performance in one or more than one subjects or less than according to set criteria i.

Importance of instructional materials in teaching and learning

Based on this, the operational definition of academic performance used in this study is the results obtained by a student at end of a specific term in all subject. Students with parents who were both educated tended to achieve at the highest levels. Similarly, the entire unattractive physical structure of the school building could demotivate learners to achieve academically. However, Uok and Langat found that students who had positive attitudes towards mathematics did not affect their mathematics score. From the aspect of the physical environment, teachers remove distracters and solve problems in the way of learning and comprehension so that all pupils can get access the subject matter. Aiding to Growth According to Alton-Lee , the teachers should align their professional experiences with their teaching practices and pedagogies in order to benefit their students. In assessing the performance of boys and girls, it has been revealed that it depends on the subject but it has been established that they have different cognitive level. Thus, this examine addressed all those learning environment factors that hinder college student from doing better in integrated research. This is a major drawback in many schools. They stressed that it shows and measures the extent to which an educational institution, teachers and students have achieved their educational goals. The influence of audio visual materials in the teaching of social studies.

V aids and modern gadgets, assessment techniques and lot of other skills and techniques. Maiduguri, Journal of Educational Studies, Vol. This research question was tested using items 1,2,3,4, and 5 in the questionnaire.

impact of instructional materials on students academic performance

Similarly, Bakasa found that school factors such as effective teaching when combined with class size have a positive impact on academic performance.

It should be emphasized that from to the structure was a system. The teachers who are willing for professional development in this area are able to deliver even complex and complicated content effectively, helping the students generate their interest and eagerness for more opportunities of learning in a conducive environment, making all the individuals feel that they are being taught in their own unique way being unique themselves.

As indicated in the figure, this level of education last for three years.

effects of teaching and learning materials on academic performance pdf

In Tanzania, Tety noticed that instructional materials have an impact on academic performance. The important difference between the most and least effective classrooms is the teacher. For example, Ali et al.

impact of laboratory practical on the academic achievement of student

So that cognitive, affective and psychomotor all skills of students develop side by side.

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