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Following these steps will help to ensure that you are presenting a solid overview: Describe what discussions on the subject exist within the literature.

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Newberryi Park, CA: Sage. The sources to support the inquirer in theory development are no different from those that will be turned to for support in other areas of planning the research, i.

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Analyze the research title to identify the independent and dependent variables. You are on page 1of 5 Search inside document A. In the event that there seems to be available only a single alternative framework, its use is mandated even though it may have some obvious drawbacks. For example, you may think that people are more satisfied with their jobs if they are given a lot of freedom to do what they want, and if they are well-paid. The theoretical framework can be used to answer descriptive research questions that only require literature or desk research. Such frameworks may vary greatly in format and sophistication. It establishes a vantage point, a perspective, a set of lenses through which the researcher views the problem. Think of it as a MAP with conceptual directions. As such they are key concepts to define within the theoretical framework. In fact, it is the choice of frameworks chosen by the researcher that has contributed to new understandings or problem solutions by some researchers, or to inadequate inquiry or false conclusions by others. In doing so, always argue why a particular theory or model is or is not appropriate for your own research. Analyzing the research field will give you an idea of what similar studies have looked at and found regarding the problem. A theoretical framework is foundation on which the entire research project is based.

A blueprint depicts the element of structure and the relation of each element to other just as a theory depicts the concepts, which compose it and the relation of concepts with each other. Analyze the similarities and differences between your own research and earlier studies.

In other cases where multiple frameworks may be available, as for example in learning research behaviorism vs constructivismthe choice of the particular framework should certainly be made to maximize those advantages that are most salient for the investigation or development project and to minimize those disadvantages that are most inimical to it.

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In other words, these are the causes. Functions of a Logical Structure or Theoretical Framework. Supplementary Readings Brody, H. For example, decades of research on organizational management and behavior viewed organizations from the classic, rational model of hierarchical bureaucracy with tightly coupled substructures and linked and linear organizational processes as posited by the German sociologist Max Weber in the early part of this century 2. Perhaps most important is the impact of the explicit theoretical structure on subsequent inquiry in the same area. A theoretical framework is a collection concept. If they overlap, an effort should be made to synthesize the structures and postulate a new, more comprehensive structure. Once a framework has been prepared, it is important to ask what advantages and disadvantages may accrue as a result of using it. A theoretical framework is a general set of assumption about the nature of phenomena. You should then critically compare the definitions that different authors have proposed. These include the followings: a.

Second, when included in the proposal, it can be helpful, even essential, to the reader who seeks to understand what the researcher is trying to do. Since the problem is a function of its framework, the problem can be better articulated and understood if its basic system is well understood and articulated.

As was noted, a conceptual framework is the necessary concomitant of any problem, for the problem could not be stated except within at least an implicit framework. Want to learn more about doctoral research? Reflect-On the existing theories for the purpose of identifying a fitting context.

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Examples of logical structures from student proposals can be found here. After this the researcher should formulate the theoretical framework. The theoretical framework and the literature review that serves as its backbone can also be used to further analyze existing findings and hypotheses. Expounding — To expound the structure or framework within which the situation will be investigated, that is: 1 in the case of the logical structure, to provide a rationale for the perspective from which the investigator will examine the problem; or 2 in the case of the theoretical framework, to conceptualize or state the theory in which terms the investigator will examine the problem. These include the followings: a. I have put a little narrative with those figures to aid comprehension. Its main function seems to be adjust the strength of relation between diversity and profitability C. No inquirer can investigate a problem from all perspectives simultaneously. Problems cannot be articulated except within a conceptual system. Knowledge growth in a field becomes an additive phenomenon of increasingly useful structures or concepts with which inquirers can work. To investigate this problem, you have identified and plan to focus on the following problem statement, objective, and research questions: Problem: Many online customers do not return to make subsequent purchases. For example, some people fundamentally believed that people are lazy and untrustworthily, and you have keep your wits about you to avoid being conned. To conceptualize or state the theory in which terms the investigator will examine the problem. Be specific and well articulated. These researchers should then reflect on the relationship between these variables.

A theory interconnects the categories whether or not they form a taxonomy through a set of relationships. Theoretical Framework Kombo and Tromp define theoretical framework as collection of interrelated ideas based on theories.

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