Many americans are not happy paying high taxes

That means that while income lost to taxes harms the poor and middle class — who tend to spend most of what they earn — it does not trouble the affluent — whose satisfaction with life is much less affected by a marginal increase in tax burden.

Hear that, Michele Bachmann?

How many taxpayers are in america 2017

Surely no one likes being taxed, but taxation is the mechanism by which society provides a great many things that people do like, such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, not to mention good schools, good roads and safe neighborhoods. Below are graphs of seven of the nine "happiest countries," along with their top tax rates and VAT taxes compared to the U. Letters from the Tax Agency often give the name and direct phone number of the employee dealing with your case, leading to quick and personal service. Meanwhile, Democrats' desire for lower taxes has crept up, but remains below where it stood during the recent Bush presidency. Hear that, Michele Bachmann? Majorities of Americans in all income groups, except those in the lowest income bracket, are dissatisfied and believe taxes should be reduced. Or put another way, will the tax plan make most Americans happier? And so the agency remains that rarest of things: a beloved collector of taxes. All of which seems fine to most Swedes. Hence, the closer we approach what Europeans call social democracy — and Americans call New Deal programs — the more people tend to find life satisfying. Perhaps that's why so many Americans, as well as the president, feel that Americans pay more than anyone else in taxes: Because while many U.

This held even when accounting for other factors known to affect happiness such as income, health, employment status, gender, age, race, education, religion and so on.

It also holds under sophisticated statistical analyses that control for other national factors, such as GDP per capita and income inequality, as well as for individual factors like income, gender, age and marital status. If Americans view this plan as mainly providing significant tax relief for the middle class, it should be received positively.

It has the fourth highest infant mortality rate in the OECD, the sixth highest maternal mortality rate and the ninth highest likelihood of dying at a younger age from a host of ailments, including cardiovascular disease and cancer," reports Bloomberg.

how many taxpayers are in america 2018

As Vice Money puts it, "American marginal tax brackets aren't too different from Canadians', yet [Canadians] get universal health care and [Americans] don't.

And the waits for procedures can be unnecessarily long: As Forbes points out, "Inthe average wait time for an MRI was over two months, while Canadians needing a CT scan waited for almost a month. In turn, it seems obvious that virtually all people, regardless of social class or political ideology, are happier when there is less poverty and less insecurity.

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Will the Republican Tax Plan Make Americans Happier?