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The teacher and students expect maximum effort and participation in every class activity. Susan Cain comes from the point-of-view that schools generally acknowledge the world of the extroverted child, but do a less effective job of valuing the world of the introverted child.

It is easy to get distracted because you know the professor cannot see you rows back playing on your phone.

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They love learning and realize that a good education is a means to an end. I will ensure that my students will get involved with their community, and that the community will become involved with my classroom. My ideal study environment would be somewhere quiet and comfortable where I have all my materials I need on hand.

That is because the less the students, the more time the teacher can help all students individually. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Unfortunately, we do not allocate sufficient resources for our schools, especially public schools, to rethink their curricula and learning spaces to effectively meet the needs of all their learners.

The ideal classroom……….

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My Ideal Class Essay Example