Overcoming stage fright when speaking in public

causes of stage fright

There is tremendous power in envisioning a positive outcome, whatever the situation or activity. Try to avoid sugary beverages before speaking. In business situations, just as in media events, questions are the norm.

In time you will banish all of your fears of public speaking. Know the material. If the question is not pertinent to the event or is somehow inappropriate, graciously say that and move on to the next question.

Make sure to review it before the actual speech. See yourself as someone else. His central message, which influenced me very strongly when I began speaking publicly, was that the key to eloquence is the emotional component that the speaker brings to the subject.

Be willing to pay any price and go to any lengths to achieve your goal. This little trick is one of my favorite speaking tips. Focus on Getting Through the First 5 Minutes Imagine your entire presentation is only five minutes long.

Brief meditation certainly helps. Overcoming reticence and fear in almost any situation requires a proactive approach. Expect interruptions.

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4 Ways to Overcome Stage Fright