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Construction works to dualize the entire track between Karachi to Shahdara were completed and inaugurated in January From there, access onwards to Islamabad and Lahore continues as part of the existing M1 and M2 motorways.

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Burhan will also be at intersection of the Eastern Alignment , and Western Alignment. It will improve the life standard of the people of Pakistan. Role of planning commission in planning, execution and transparency of the CPEC projects. What is CPEC? For achieving that objective, comprehensive National Action Plan NAP was formulated to wipe out extremism and terrorism. There should be consistency in economic policies irrespective of which party governs the state. The role of planning commission of Pakistan is strengthened to oversee the execution and progress of CPEC with the help of provinces and induction of other stakeholders, including security forces. Last but not the least; the CPEC will strengthen the strategic partnership between China and Pakistan with its economic element, in the face of increasingly dominating and hostile India. The energy crisis of Pakistan has jammed the economic development of the country increasing the unemployment and poverty is the last decade. Political interference in institutional functioning should be discouraged for internal stability. Environment is as important as development. Bush, Pakistan felt it was left with no choice than to provide access to the United States to land-locked Afghanistan; however this decision backfired as Pakistan continues to pay the cost of the decision to this day in the form of increased terrorism and loss of life of its citizens. Furthermore, Chinese companies and people would be benefit through business and employment generated from the corridor. TPP Trans-Pacific Partnership with these countries is pact of that strategy to counter the growing Chinese dominance particularly economically. Job Creation and Local Economic Development.

No doubts that economic corridor will open new horizons for progress and developments in the both countries. Environment should be protected at any cost.

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Thermal plants will increase pollution. India is the largest democracy and the biggest emerging market in the world. It aims to add 16, MW energy to the national grid in the next decade. It is in Seestan province of Iran at a distance of 72 Kms from Gwadar. India is investing around 20 billion dollars for the development of this port. Environment is as important as development. At the core of any successful business venture lie the people as the actual work on the ground has to be completed by them. Increased movement of cargo trades brings air pollution. Thus, there is only option that is the promotion of peaceful coexistence. It shall not affect the local businesses. Construction of freshwater treatment plant and a coal based power plant in Gwadar has got underway due to CPEC.

Learn more. To avoid time consuming and hectic litigation, a mechanism be devised on executive side for speedy and fair resolution of disputes. Kashmir has long been a center of a dispute between India and Pakistan.

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Sea trade is comparatively inexpensive than the other modes of transportation. Thermal plants will increase pollution.

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