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His friends do not have to fight Shinji, which would lower their resolve.

Many of the soldiers who mutinied were his friends. To truly judge the characters for their heroism, the setting of the story must be understood. The unity provided the confidence and strength to commit suicide. This is OK? In this sense, she decides to join him in death although his cause is not directly hers. However, in a usual obituary, what tend to follow is the people who Takeyama would be survived by but in this case Mishima shows the reader that Takeyama isn't survived by anyone, that his wife also committed the same act in committing suicide herself. With suicide, the consequence to the hero is death. We'll take a look right away. Shinji has taken an oath to fight for his country; his honor depends on his commitment. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. To do this, the definition of a hero must be addressed. It was also during this time that Mishima became aware of his homosexuality , but chose to hide it due to social circumstances.

The authoritarian nationalist regime gave little freedom to its citizens in both cultures. Only her loyalty makes her commit the act.

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This must have been a terrifying process to watch. Mishima deliberately paints the soldiers as such to bring out the theme of loyalty by using silence and compliance as the core elements that define loyalty.

The cause can be world impacting, or as simple as affecting one person. Even in her final hours, Reiko humbles herself to a position below her husband and is content with the sudden change in her fate.

Moreover, the rooms are not enough hence some rooms double as guest rooms and bedrooms.

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More detrimental consequences make the act a more heroic one. However, the apartments are of poor standards. During the first part of the book, Ryuji is trying to live an exciting life, one typically enjoyed by men younger than him.

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When a hero helps few people, less good will is to be gained from the act.

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