Principles of infection prevention and control essay

Masks should be removed by untying the bottom tie then the top tie and moving it away from face by holding the ties, after dispose it.

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Before to use any PPE equipment we need to wash properly our hands. The requirements of this act apply to any area where food is prepared, stored or eaten.

Principles of infection prevention and control essay

The requirements of this act apply to any area where food is prepared, stored or eaten. The majority are harmless, but some can be pathogenic which results in bacterial infection occuring. To help providers of healthcare, adult social care, and others plan and implement how they prevent and control infections. One of the most significant current discussions in nursing evidence-based practice is the effectiveness of hand hygiene interventions in reducing hospital-acquired infections The types of products should be used for hand washing: 5 6 - General hand washing soap used for routine hand wash has minimal ability to destroy microorganisms and is useful to remove dirt, grease and loosely adhered microorganisms. In general, risk assessments are important as they reduce the risks of accidents and ill health to everyone. The measures put in place to reduce the potential harm from these risks, for example ensuring adequate PPE is available for staff to use. Procedures and systems relevant to the prevention of control infection ae following companies policies and procedures which relate to correct hand washing procedure, wearing correct PPE for example gloves, aprons and protective clothing, the correct disposal of waste and using the correct cleaning equipment when cleaning spillages, surfaces and equipment. Standard precautions or universal precautions, as they are sometimes called, recognise that all individuals pose a potential infection risk to you and that you pose a potential infection risk to others. For example, helping service users bath, use the toilet and change remove and dispose of any soiled clothing. Gloves — protect hands. Legislation, regulations and guidance that govern infection prevention and control. An employee has to check PPE before and after use and have to report any damage.

Any PPE equipment used must be handled correctly to be efficient. We also have a responsibility to assist with keeping work areas, and equipment clean, tidy and free from infection hazards. Unit 21 — The principles of infection, prevention and control.

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These infections are considered to be entirely avoidable. The work nosocomial literally means — of or relating to a hospital. Development of currently available screening tests for noninvasive specimens such as Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests NAATs in urine samples with high accuracy and reliability, leads to earlier detection of infection in people and improvement of health outcomes in many countries Participate in training provided by the employer, regarding the appropriate use, care and maintenance of PPE.

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Also there is The Food Safety Act and its aim is to ensure safe practices for food to avoid contamination and spreading of infection. Disposable plastic aprons are placed over uniforms and prevent the uniform from becoming soiled when carrying out different activities example white apron for personal care and blue for handling food. Besides enforcement of the law, the president emphasized the need to treat drug addicts. The important responsibilities include: -attending training provided by the employer relating to how to use PPE -using PPE in accordance with training 5 2 -taking responsible care of all PPE provided by the employer -returning PPE to the correct storage accommodation provided for it after use - reporting to the employer any loss or obvious defect as soon as possible. The requirements of this act apply to any area where food is prepared, stored or eaten. This article stated that, in the past decades, the scope and intensity of home care have increased, whereas the strategies and prevention solutions of infection surveillance and control efforts have fallen behind Rhinehart, Infectious, hazardous materials should be placed in yellow bags for incineration; black bags are for food waste and other waste. We can say that: a person may be at risk when there is the chance to be injured, to cause harm, to become infected of a desease or something that can put your life in 3 1 danger. Corrective action should be taken when required. Disposal gloves have different types namely standard latex example white gloves used for personal care tasks nitrile example used cleaning tasks and vinyl example blue gloves used when handling food.
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The Principles of Infection Prevention and Control Essay Example