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Uconn psych 1100 exam 2

Exams will be posted for a limited amount of time and after that time frame you will NOT receive credit for that exam. PSYC Personality Theory 3 Examines the structure, dynamics, and development of personality and explores the assumptions about human nature that underlie the various theories about personality. However, psychology is unified through its historical traditions and systems of thought. The content of the quiz will match the course content for that week. Do not email me to tell me your online connection went down at and were unable to take the quiz and need to have it reopened. PSYC Social Influence and Persuasion 3 Examines the factors that facilitate conformity, techniques to ensure compliance, and the conditions that produce obedience to authority. Prerequisite: PSYC or permission of the instructor. Student Homepage Students are required to design a Student Homepage, the purpose of which is to allow other students and the Professor to become familiar with one another. We will also discuss the relationships between memory and reality, memory and development, as well as memory and amnesia. For film suggestions, please refer to the "Psychology and Films Links" section below in the syllabus.

There will not be make-up exams!! Also included in this field is the study of happiness, resiliency, human virtues, and transcendent meaning in life.

Adjustment is viewed as an active two-way process between the individual and his or her environment.

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Special issues such as addiction, adolescent-parent relationships, and achievement are considered. Among key values in the field of community psychology are individual wellness, the importance of a sense of community, and social justice. Emphasizes language development, achievement, personality, and gender behavior. Discussion of the relationship between law and human behavior is integrated throughout. Research has shown that the absence of illness does not equal wellness. For literary works, there are plenty of choices, both classical and modern, and you may want to do a web-search for specifics. Designed to be taken in a student's freshman or sophomore year. Course covers descriptive statistics, correlation and regression, and inferential statistics such as the t-test and analysis of variance.

Explores scientific findings and sexist myths about male and female differences, special dilemmas such as fear of achievement, aggression, and leadership, as well as traditional and nonsexist child rearing and other topics. Genocides studied include the Armenian genocide, the Holocaust, the auto-genocide in Cambodia, the Rwandan genocide, the genocides in the former Yugoslavia, and others.

Student examines how people make personality judgments about themselves and others; how people attribute causation to human behavior; and how people make estimates about uncertain outcomes.

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PSYC Prejudice and Discrimination 3 Examines the essential features, principles, facts, and theories that surround stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination.

The field of political psychology has been strongly influenced by political and psychological theories as well as important political events and social issues. Focuses on techniques to change behavior patterns based on human and non-human investigations in the psychology of learning. I will not be sympathetic to pleas that you were unable to take the quiz because your laptop was dead or the connection was down.

There will be 9 quizzes over the course of the semester; however, only 7 COUNT towards your final grade. Format for papers must be in Microsoft word format.

Acceptable forms of documentation include proof of errors of calculation e.

psychology 1100 exam 2
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