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The researchers unobtrusively watched each child to see how many pieces he or she actually took.

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Self-Awareness Like any other schema, the self-concept can vary in its current cognitive accessibility. Most other animals, including dogs, cats, and monkeys, never realize that it is themselves they see in a mirror.

Burton, L. Burton, L. The authors of this study concluded that these online environments allow players to explore their ideal selves, freed from the constraints of the physical world.

Also, perhaps when we feel clearer about who we are, then we feel less of a threat to our self-concept and autonomy when we find ourselves having to make compromises in our close relationships. Public self-consciousness, in contrast, refers to the tendency to focus on our outer public image and to be particularly aware of the extent to which we are meeting the standards set by others.

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Theoretically, the concepts of complexity and clarity are independent of each other—a person could have either a more or less complex self-concept that is either well defined and consistent, or ill defined and inconsistent. The next time you are studying, you might try relating the material to your own experiences—the self-reference effect suggests that doing so will help you better remember the information.

Self-Complexity and Self-Concept Clarity As we have seen, the self-concept is a rich and complex social representation of who we are, encompassing both our internal characteristics and our social roles.

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The researchers unobtrusively watched each child to see how many pieces he or she actually took. Description[ edit ] A person's self-evaluation which is similar to self-esteem may be raised when a close other performs well. It may well be that no one else paid nearly as much attention to it as we did! They also rated their avatars as more similar to their ideal selves than they themselves were. One particularly important approach has been the social identity model of deindividuation effects or SIDE model , developed by Reicher, Spears, and Postmes Boysen, S. There are many different dimensions that can be important to an individual's self-definition. The activity was based on the game Password, where persons have to guess a word based on clues. For example, if the only thing that Maria cares about is getting into medical school, she may be devastated if she fails to make it. Some selves are more complex than others, and these individual differences can be important in determining psychological outcomes.

There are also several reasons for thinking that meaning-making tendencies should play an important role in self-concept construction and development in addition to the emphasis placed upon this process by narrative identity theorists as noted previously. Under this view, being unidentified and thereby unaccountable has the psychological consequence of reducing inner restraints and increasing behavior that is usually repressed, such as that often seen in riots.

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Essay on Psychology Theories and Self