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It is something some partners in consulting like doing with clients in real life and will therefore reflect positively on you. And to then make a very thoughtful point based on how they started the discussion.

Before making your point, summarise their point to show that you understand what they mean. Finally, some candidates are so eager to participate in the conversation that they end up completely dominating the rest of the group without realising it.

Thank you — Luke on Dec 05, password please — Jessie on Dec 08, can you please provide passward — Umair on Dec 15, Can you please provide the password to the Dropbox link.

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Case interviews can be broken down into very specific types of questions, including the following: Situation. I came to know that the case study is going to be around HR Transformation or IT transformation strategies as I have such background. Quant question — No data provided Creativity question Recommendation You can read more about case interviews and how to prepare for them, in our free case interview guide. You can also get a sense of what candidate-led case interviews are like, using the video below. Thanks in advance. And to then make a very thoughtful point based on how they started the discussion. At the beginning of a group discussion, a lot of candidates will want to speak their mind as they know participating is important. They will just observe the group dynamics and mark each participant based on how they are contributing to the discussion. Thank you — Hady on Oct 13, Password please — John on Oct 14, Password please — Yasir on Oct 15, Vlad, appreciate your inputs on this question - Could I also ask for the password to the dropbox link above. Here is the key information you need to be aware of for this type of interview: Candidates get divided into groups of 4 to 6 Each group is given information about a case i. Good luck! Thank you!! Everyone is stressed in a group interview. If you do the same, this will give you a polished reaction during interviews, which recruiters will notice.

In order to prepare, we recommend you study our in-depth written case interview guide. Could you share the passwort with me too? Thanks — Max on Oct 18, Could you please provide the password — Stephen on Nov 04, Could you, please, share password — Anelya on Nov 05, Hi Vlad, would you please share with me the password to the Dropbox?

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I have a similar case coming up with Pwc — Maxime on Feb 08, edited Hi Vlad, Could you please share the password with me too?

I don't know of the framework that can fit into such scenarios.

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