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One of my many long term goals is to become a tax lawyer. I want to be satisfied with what I will have achieved and work on living a happy life.

You will start working hard towards the dream and will never lose interest in life.

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For example, in the television show Prison Break, one of the main characters, Lincoln Burrows, is accused of murdering the Vice President of the United States. I also imagine of having a great family with whom I can travel the world with. The life here in the United State is different, because of the cultural differences between Middle East and western countries. This will take me closer to my dream of becoming a successful businessman. But how can we gain the clarity and focus needed to break down big dreams into small actions? Your comments and suggestions will serve as an inspiration and learning platform for me. How I plan on living my dream life? The impression I received that day motivates me to realise my dream to become a Soldier. Is it helpful to you? My Dream to become a Doctor: The biggest dream of my life is to become a doctor. When you work hard for something that you want, you will most likely achieve your goal in life. I always thought about my dreams and my goals and believed that I could strongly achieve them. But, I am here to pursue my dream to become a Soldier and dedicate my life to the welfare of the nation.

Achieving even your smallest dream can be a huge success for you. Why is it not okay for one person grow up and pursue their dreams?

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In this case, this dream is only available for people living in the United States of America. Bookmark the permalink. In the final book in the trilogy, Mockingjay, Katniss and Peeta face more obstacles along the way. The sense of satisfaction you acquire once you have attained your goals cannot be explained in words and has no alternative in life.

Succeed - Success is to face pure accomplishment and to achieve something desired pr planned or attempted. You have achieved your goal by working hard, making you feel satisfied, or in other words: happy. You are as good to be as everyone else.

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Living the dream life can begin any time that you chose to be as an individual. I began to understand the values that inspire a Soldier to willingly face challenges and responsibly safeguard the nation even at the cost of his own life. We then have confidence to take steps to achieve these desires and dreams.

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How I Reach My Dream Essay Example