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No doubt, there is pressure to start publishing and to come up with an innovative, compelling research idea, so as to hand in a competitive application for funding at the beginning of the second ReMa year. The current state of many institutions will not be sufficient to meet the needs and standards of future elderly with middle or high incomes: new or converted real estate will have to be developed in the next decades.

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Although I knew almost nothing about primary care, I got the job: mainly because I had experience with population forecasts. I was told I could try to combine the two tracks, through the selection of courses and subjects, as long as I focused on one of the two. After three years at the Jan van Es Institute, I began working for AimTrack September , together with the owner of the platform and the owner of a health and care innovation database. Combining research and clinical practice, a great combination! In the model population forecasts are combined with the current income distribution of elderly extrapolated by using the cohort method with indicators by age and income of long-term care use at home and in institutions nursing homes. I am thrilled to be given this opportunity and I am really looking forward to working with other internationally renowned researchers. On request, long-term research associates of the Zernike Institute can also act as supervisor for permission turn to the programme director, Thomas Jansen, permission has already been given for the research associates listed here. Nearly 6, international students study in Groningen annually from over countries. For dealing with vacation leaves, please send it to all three addresses. Guidelines Here you can find a file with all guidelines for top master Nanoscience students and supervisors on individually supervised course units Supervisor The project can be supervised by any member of the permanent or tenure-track scientific staff i. Vibrant student life : Groningen is a vibrant student city. It turned out to be one of the best decisions in my life. During the final talk the 2nd examiner must be present, and the 2nd examiner must participate in the grading see below.

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If I had to choose again, I would certainly do this ReMa again. Although I knew almost nothing about primary care, I got the job: mainly because I had experience with population forecasts.

A more detailed note on the requirements that must be met for properly completing the master thesis project are at the bottom of this page.

university of groningen

During a period of 8 months, I spend 2 days on participating in diagnostics and treatment of children with anxiety and mood disorders and autism spectrum disorders.

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