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The influence of hearing status on the recruitment of sign language processing systems was explored by comparing deaf and hearing adults who had BSL as their first language native signers. Superior temporal regions may give priority to speech processing even in hearing people with a native sign language.

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It appeared five times in each block. It comes from members of the Deaf community and even includes a handy little explainer of Deaf culture including the difference between Deaf and deaf. It cannot be assumed that the acquisition of a native sign language has similar consequences for sign language performance irrespective of hearing status. Activation was also observed in both groups in the right inferior parietal lobule as a separate cluster of activation see Table 3 and Fig. The data from one hearing native signer who misunderstood the instructions are not reported. Since written language is impoverished of prosody, this may account for the reported greater left lateralization for written language than for ASL Neville et al. Neuropsychological studies of deaf signers with brain lesions suggest that the comprehension and production of signed language follows the localization pattern of spoken language e. Task accuracy was included as a covariate in one of the group analyses reported in the Results.

In both hemispheres, temporal activation included the primary and secondary auditory cortices. In the study of Neville et al.

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However, such a conclusion cannot be drawn from their design since they did not test deaf native signers. Neuroimaging studies of sign language that have compared deaf and hearing native signers vary in their findings for summary see Table 1but to date there are no reports of differential STG activation between deaf and hearing native signers.

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The studies cited above have involved tasks that are related to spoken language or in which auditory stimuli have been associated with stimuli from another modality.

Despite this, in the current study ANCOVA demonstrated that task accuracy did not account for the enhanced superior temporal activation in deaf compared with hearing native signers.

Router sign writing asl

It is worth noting that sign language activated the putamen bilaterally, whereas speech did not. Deaf versus hearing native signers To explore the effect of hearing status on the neural system underpinning BSL comprehension, activation patterns in the deaf and hearing native signing groups were compared. In the left hemisphere, this cluster of activation extended into the inferior parietal lobule. Auditory cortices and surrounding regions within the STG appear to be preferentially activated by heard speech. Imaging parameters Gradient echo echoplanar MRI data were acquired with a 1. Secondly, reading is a secondary language skill, acquired in middle to late childhood once the native language has been mastered. All were native signers and had learnt BSL from their deaf parents. The data of Petitto et al.

First, signed and spoken sentences are rich in prosody, which is predominantly processed by the right hemisphere Van Lancker,

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