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This sensitivity analysis is always done with models that depend upon one or more input variable. The inflow and outflow of cash in the company is captured, and the description of how the cash was spent is given.

It also shows the users of the statement the cash at hand at any given moment in time. The three main scenarios are usually referred to as the base case, best case, and worst case scenarios and the procedure for carrying out the analysis using the financial projections template is as follows: Step 1 — Develop the Base Case Scenario The base case scenario in the sensitivity analysis is the financial projection which represents the outcome which is most likely to happen.

This allows you to identify the key variables that will have a significant influence on the success or failure of your projects. Sensitivity Analysis is incredibly important whenever calculations need different estimations, the effects of which are difficult to project.

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V Breakeven analysis VI Ratio analysis It is best to put each statement and analysis on its own page. The net worth of the business is referred to as equity in some circles. This will help you to plan for different possibilities and potential implications of certain changes. Such an exercise would involve examining the sensitivity of the financial projections to changes in its assumptions and inputs.

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Conducting sensitivity analysis allows you to project the impact of specific changes you could make within a project. By changing each input seperately it is possible to assess the significance of each variable on the business Scenario Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis in a Business Plan One way a business can demonstrate the effect of changes in inputs in a financial projection is to provide three different scenarios, so that the financial risk of the business can be simulated under different conditions.

It also remains your own prerogative to decide whether you will provide readers of the business plan with explanations on the finer details of the analysis. Further to this, sensitivity analysis allows you to identify and plan for these impacts that changes in these variables could have, Therefore, you can determine the potentially negative impacts that changes in variables could cause.

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Complete Example of a Sensitivity Analysis