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As much as the financial statements are useful to creditors and investors of a company, they are also important for employees and managers in the running of business. Inventory turnover Ratio: Inventory turnover ratio is the measurement of the number of times inventory is turned over each year.

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Future performance and risk. Debt to Equity Ratio: This is the measurements of the proportion of capital provided by creditors relative to that provided by stock holders. In the last 25 years they lead the domestic pharmaceutical market in several dimensions.

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The Income Statement An income statement show a list of expenses spends on within a given period of time. In a nutshell, a dissertation has been given from a neutral view. The principal operating ratio is measure of turnover, the average length of time required for assets to be consumed or replaced. Standards for Comparisons Used to determine if analysis measures suggest good, bad, or average performance. Income Statement 5 4. Background of the repot Beximco pharma is a leading company based in Dhaka, and is acclaimed for its outstanding product quality, world class manufacturing facility product development capabilities and outstanding professional service. Usually the vertical analysis is performed for a single accounting period to see the relative proportions of different account balances. To know the financial condition. Current liabilities www. Quality is their relentless passion. All these factors assist the investors to determine if the form is competing well in its industry and could make a lucrative investment. Both focus on the relationship between current assets and current liabilities. Profitability Ratio 8 4.

For Pepsi Co, Inc. Their strategic strengths include strong recognition of their brands.

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These statements include balance sheet, the income statement, the cash flows statement and retained earnings statement. Managers can communicate more and make survey to reach closer to the customers and create market offerings which are both for the betterment for the firm as well as for the society.

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State tax obligations include sales and annual taxes.

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Research Paper on Financial Analysis of a Company