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This indicates a quarterly growth of 0.

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According to a report at Economist. One of the things that cause unemployment to keep increasing is the age of people.

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These enterprises lay off their workers in order to cut the costs they incur in terms of wage and salary payments When an economic crisis comes about, many lose jobs and guide our country in high rates of unemployment. This is so because recession reduces the fiscal bases of enterprises, forcing these enterprises to reduce their workforce through layoffs. This report suggests concept that poverty can only be reduced by the rout of more and better job in the economy. One of the problems is that many applying for unemployment are considered to be unskilled. Daly, Hobijn, and Kwok Making ends meet can be difficult for one who has been affected by this economy over the past few years The report says that only in service sector the employment opportunities increased with one exception i.

Daly, Hobijn, and Kwok Making ends meet can be difficult for one who has been affected by this economy over the past few years Less opportunities for women to take part in labor force in Asian countries is also contributing to increase the overall ratio of unemployment.

The biggest macroeconomic concept that directly affects all people is unemployment.

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It is important to note that as much of a global phenomenon unemployment it is, unemployment occurs in numerous forms, economists have broken down unemployment into three main types: Frictional, structural and cyclical Even in less severely effected economies, such as Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and Singapore, there are now twice as many people without work as before the crisis. Once information on these variables are obtained and categorized by subsections of the labor force, policy makers study the data to create a plan of action that best fits the economy at that time. In marked contrast, and somewhat surprisingly, studies of social welfare have paid little attention to coordination but see, e. Understanding what unemployment really is and how it works is a critical question for both for the economists and for the consumers. The categories can be by race, age or location, for example the unemployment rate of those between the age of sixty and sixty-five could be compared those between the ages of thirty and thirty-five The link between unemployment and crime has also been well established.

There are three main types of unemployment The economy reached 15 workers in the first quarter of from 15 in the fourth quarter of

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