The scarlet letter ch 1 6 summary

Personally, I relate to her determination to not succumb to the public pressure. Chapter 5 In chapter five, Hester is released from prison and free to leave the city, yet she chooses to stay.

Chapter The Minister in a Maze — Dimmesdale walks back to town and is tempted to corrupt everyone whom he passes.

Hester flings the letter into the woods and calls for Pearl. I think we know who controls this relationship. In the crowd, Hester recognizes a man described with a physical deformity. Dimmesdale is angry, but forgives Hester. The author then reveals that Hester and Chillingworth had been married.

The one incongruity in the otherwise drab scene is the rosebush that grows next to the prison door. I am not the type of person to condemn someone for their mistakes but that is mostly because I come from a different time.

It is June, and a throng of drably dressed Puritans stands before a weather-beaten wooden prison. Now part of City Hall Plaza. He discovers that Hester refuses to divulge the name of her lover. Tuesday, April 10, The Scarlet Letter Chapters First off, i would like to express how addicting this book was for me.

For the sake of protection, she agrees to keep his identity a secret as she has the fathers.

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