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The general consensus among scholars is that physical representations of the Prophet Muhammad are discouraged on the grounds that, since the prophets are exemplars, they should not be presented in a manner that either is disrespectful or might lead to idolatry. I was very naive until I actually worked for a couple of big organizations with hierarchies. In this flexible and unpredictable role, she finds the opportunity to teach others and build relationships. I never told anyone about the research I was doing. The existence of old churches, temples, and synagogues throughout the Muslim world in places like Egypt, Turkey, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, India, and Bosnia and the presence of minority religious populations in those areas demonstrates that this command was historically followed by most Muslim societies. I execute lesson plans and make sure that students know and FEEL that I am willing to help them one-on-one. The term Arabian was historically used to describe an inhabitant of the Arabian Peninsula. Muslims believe that all the prophets were sent by God and that some of them foretold the coming of the Prophet Muhammad. I used to dress in modest clothing because it is mostly cold in Wisconsin. I was always religious.

Why did the Prophet Muhammad marry a nine-year old? If you would have told me when I was 16 that I would one day convert to Islam, I would never have believed you.

It was my own little secret between me and God.

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The term Arabian was historically used to describe an inhabitant of the Arabian Peninsula. Investigations into the Benghazi attack found that it was in fact long planned by militants, while the Paris attacks were the work of militants who may have been trying to recruit French Muslims to al-Qaeda by creating an incident that would isolate them from other French people. I had to force myself to calm down, to patiently read handwritten plans, and to manage my time adequately so I could absorb the lesson plans in time for class. She was the only one who really supported me. Additionally, there may be a silver lining behind every difficulty. The following are answers to some of the most common questions that ING and its affiliates across the country have encountered during that time. In this scheme, therefore, all congregants regardless of gender and physical positioning within the mosque maintain equal access to sacred space. The actual age of Aisha at the time of her marriage to Muhammad is disputed, but the marriage could not have been consummated until she reached puberty. It was not until my last year in college that I started to let more people know that I had converted. We affirm the right to freedom of thought, religion, conscience, and expression. I decided to take Arabic in college so I could read the untranslated Quran. We not only have the responsibility of teaching the kids, but we also ensure that teachers can take time off for emergencies and vacations.

Even if we are no longer talking about my religion, there is still a tension I feel in the room. Being asked this makes me feel like they think less of me, or that I am stupid. How does Islam view other religions? I am a parent of three teenagers and an eleven year old.

I live for these moments especially since I am not a teacher by training and am not as gifted as some of my peers.

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