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I believe that it is important for me to discuss my view of this trial, my verdict and my reasoning for why I believe in my decision Ethics are an important part of the decision making process for those parties involved in prosecuting and punishing suspected criminals.

People had many different opinions. This time, he gives us old, bone-tired, hung-over, trembling and heroic Frank Galvin, and we buy it lock, stock and shot glass. But it's that Newman performance that stays in the mind.

The film is about an eighteen-year-old boy from the ghetto who is on a trial for the murder of his abusive father. They solemnly walked down the hallway to the jury room.

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When Conccannon hears that Galvin's only witness is a black man, he snickers and tells assorted sycophants to "get a black attorney to sit at our table. First of all, before fingers are pointed at Macbeth, I ask you to consider if he is the only suspicious person.

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