The walnut tree

It was voted best Italian restaurant in Britain at one time. He revisits for a second time and business is slower again. Bistro seating, subtle lighting and pops of bright art set the backdrop for starters like richly aromatic Kerala fish curry.

The view of the Skirrid out back is glorious and the beds handmade, pocket sprung incredibly comfortable. Franco was a very difficult act to follow. And he has hit out at The walnut tree show, describing it as a fake. Inthe couple sold the business to current owner Francesco Mattioli and his then business partner and Michelin-starred chef, Stephen Terry, who has since left to set up on his own.

Food nowadays is wanted fast and cheap but people need to decide if they want to pay 30 for good food or buy cheap frozen food with ingredients that no-one is sure where they've come from.

But when Ramsay returned to give his views on where the restaurant was going wrong - again - Francesco was unwilling to stand there and take it. Gordon wants to try the food and tells them to cook their best dishes, he is served a boring porcini and parma ham lasagne and an over cooked fish stew with uncleaned mussels and grit at the bottom of the dish.

Then Gordon turned on Francesco, a passionate Italian and things got heated and there was a lot of swearing. Please watch this web site for the reopening date and an even better restaurant.

Viewers saw Ramsay tear strips off the team, but he did help them find a new chef, Spencer Ralph.

walnut inn
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The Walnut Tree (restaurant)